Nationally acclaimed painter Rory Wagner (1950-2010) was noted in 1982 as America's Finest Young Realist in the New York Times, just prior his Opening Western Exhibition of 20 paintings at the Quail Hollow Galleries in Oklahoma City. The show was an astounding success with over 400 people in attendance and a complete sell-out in the first ten minutes of the Exhibition.

Tukan Hatan

68 X 60 Inches

Acrylic on Canvas, 1993

Price on Request

Tukan-Hatan, known as The Horned Toad, was also know as the little soldier, was a Sioux Chief of some renown. He was painted by the legendary painter, Karl Bodmer while on a boat going from Ft. Lookout to Ft. Pierce during the famous Prince Maximillian Expedition. He was in mourning, completely naked, thus showing off his tattoos and was wearing a turban. The Artifacts are authentic and of the Siouxian tribe.

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